The Children’s Commission and the Office of Court Administration host a CPS Hearing Notification service that uses non-confidential case data to provide hearing notice by email to and/or text message court participants (attorneys, CPS personnel, CASA, parents, relative caregivers, and adoptive/foster parents) involved in cases heard by our Child Protection Specialty Courts. The Notice and Engagement tool was developed to improve and expand engagement of families and caregivers in court hearings so that court hearings are higher quality and more meaningful for the families and children involved. The project involves using non-confidential case data to provide email notice to users about upcoming hearings. All parties involved in CPS cases continue to struggle with securing consistent and timely notice of scheduled hearings from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). This issue includes the foster placements and DFPS service provider facilities where the children/youth are in placement and results in many parties not being able to attend scheduled court hearings. 

Currently, the tool is only available for cases heard by Child Protection Courts in the Child Protection Case Management System (CPCMS) application.