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The Training Committee continues to oversee training efforts that promote judicial leadership, identify and promote best practices to improve outcomes, and establish a well-informed judiciary and bar that prevents removal to foster care and ensures the well-being of children and families while in care.

Members: Hon. Piper McCraw, Chair; Hon. Mark Atkinson, Tymothy Belseth, Denise Campbell, Teal de la Garza, Barbara Elias-Perciful, Hon. Denise Fortenberry, Hon. Richard Garcia, Hon. Angela Graves-Harrington, Hon. Yahara L. Gutierrez, Tracy Harting, Ann Palmer, Hon. Robbie Partida-Kipness, Kellie Price, Hon. Tracey Scown, Diane Sumoski, Elizabeth Watkins

Staff: Milbrey Raney, Renée Castillo-De La Cruz, Andrea Vicencio, Chelsea Martinez

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